Behaviour Therapy

The Effort Rehabilitation and Vocational Center

The behavior therapy is done to change severe negative behavior into positivity which is adopted through nearly atmosphere by children.


The Effort Rehabilitation and Vocational Center

The Effort centre provides Physiotherapy by professionals to improve the motor skills of the child by using latest equipment and methods. Physical Therapy is a part of a student’s educational program that helps with posture, balance, and safe independent mobility. Physical Therapy’s goal is to enable each student to move to the best of his or her ability and experience movement. Students are seen on a consultative basis, where the therapist works with the teachers and staff to ensure the movement and strengthening are part of the student’s daily routine.

Speech therapy (ST):

Speech therapy is provided to children who face difficulties in the area of speech
and language development like articulation disorder,fluency disorder and delayed speech.It is a therapeutic treatment of speech defects and disorders, especially through use of exercise and audio visual aids that develop new speech habits. This is an important therapy for people with speech problems, swallowing, articulation, voice disorders, stammering etc.

Occupational Therapy (OT):

The Effort also provides occupational therapy to enhance occupational skills in children with special needs to help improving their fine motor skills,self help skills and develop sensory perception.

Vocational Training:

The Effort Rehabilitation Centre provides vocational training for children to develop their skills and capabilities through vocational training in order to bring them into the main stream into society.The Effort Rehabilitation and vocational Centre provides helped deserving disabled persons to stand on their own feet .


Our aim is to develop skills in academically weak/disabled students in order to help them to earn their living. They are trained to make paper bags, gift wrapping, bangles, jewelry, boxes and decorate them.


The Effort Rehabilitation and Vocational Center

We also provide Islamic education in our school.

• Kalmey.
• Musnoon Duaen.
• Adab-e-Zindagi o Ikhlaqiyat.
• Islami Sawalat


Academic are an extremely important part of the Effort Rehabilitation centre.Our aim to provide appropriate education to children with special needs in order to help them to become as independent as possible,Each child works according to her/his strengths.


The Effort Rehabilitation and Vocational Center

The centre provides facility to pick and drop the children from different selected areas of Karachi


We train them for , cutting, sewing, and hand embroidery. The focus is to train the girls (able and disabled) to earn a respectable living.

The  Effort  Rehabilitation Centre deals in the following mental and      medical  condition.          

  • Mentally impaired children.
    •  Down syndrome.
    •  Learning disabilities.
    •  Slow learner.
    •  Cerebral palsy.
    •  Micro cephalic
  •  Pick & drop facilities.The Effort Rehabilitation Centre provides the following services to the children.

•  In door & out door sports facilities.
•  Behavior Modification.
•  Games and Outing.
•  Teacher’s training to maintain acquired skills in children.
•  Educational Visits.
•  Social Activities.
•  Music Therapy.
•  Parents Guidance & awareness program.
Parental guidance and counseling program.

The centre supports them. Who deserved children free of cost following  facilities ,
Free pick and drop facilities.
• Free remedial teaching and rehabilitation program according  to  needs.               

                • Free pre vocational / Vocational training.
                • Parental guidance and counseling program.
• Free education training.
• Free vocational training.
• Free course.
• Free behavior training.
• Free medical check-up.
• Free physiotherapy.
• Free speechtherapy.
• Free art & craft
• Free sports