Our Representatives

Dr. Muhammad Ali Versiani


Ph.D. (HEJ, Karachi), Post Doc. (NCI, Frederick, USA), MCSP




Mam Afshan Siddiqui

Doing Master in special education

From University of Houston Texas USA

Nadeem Ahmed

CEO of Innovative institute of skill development.

Trainer & IELTS expert at (Language master institute)

About The School

The Effort provides a perfect environment for children who require special attention.Propagate inclusive Education system so that the special children / person would not be ignored by people or society in future .We have to do assembly and exercise regularly basis in the morning like normal school for keeping them active The (E.R.V.C) institute also regular classes and our talented teachers look after each and every child on a one-to one basis.We give them an idea to line up in a queue,Blocks Puzzles,equaped and variety of Montessori material are used to maintain a general level of good learning capabilities in special children.

Since majority of the students come from very poor and disadvantaged families,the parents can’t affored to pay even the normal fee of their special children.

Chairman's Message

The Effort Rehabilitation and Vocational Center

I have got (Masha Allah) every thing given by Allah but there was a space and lackness in my life.Once I realized upon my lanckness and it came in the soft corner of my heart that Allah has awaken the zeal of welfare.By sir Iqbal it was offered to me to do work with our team that The Effort is only the way which I needed to make Allah agreed.

Wise Chairman's Message

By the Grace of Al-Mighty Allah we established ” The Effort Rehabilitation and Vocational Centre For Special Children ” this centre is providing excellent services to children. The management has emerged with some workable grouping for the purpose of teaching. The centre has qualified trained and experienced physical occupation therapist, they are putting their best effort in long term management of these children. The Effort wants to be made such arrangements that children can become self dependent. No doubt, The Effort is spending a lot of money on training and trying to bring a vital change in the outlook of people in the shortest possible time. The success of policy solely depends upon how is implement. For the first time The Effort has been designed to promote disable children. It has taken those steps for the improvement of disable children in country. The Effort deserves all prays for its bold steps to improve the process and standard of special education in the country.

Future Planning

The Effort Rehabilitation and Vocational Center

Awareness Program