God Helps Those Who Help Themselves:

Young people with disabilities and / or their family members are also paid a good monthly wage to produce items for sale in commercial outlets. They get a sense of satisfaction and pride when they are able to contribute to the family income.


Please contribute your ZAKAT/DONATION,For deserved and disable persons.
GENEROUS HELP of donors,friends and philanthropists.Our school deserves
your compassion and generous assistance to be able to live a dignified life
and as the children of the creator of the world.
Your Help in cash or kind would be highly appreciated.Kindly
send your crossed chaques or pay orders in favour of “The Effort”


Our mission is to serve for mankind and enable the special children to earn such money for surving respectfully in the society with the help of All Mighty Allah

Founder's Message

"Special children are flowers of heaven۔
I want to enable the special children to work alone as for as possible
and want to give them such a place in the society
where they can make their best participation in the social activities with their potential and abilities.Special children have creative minds and they can do many things and work.We have to find out their potential.children learn best by doing.Making and doing these things will help children to imagine better in society.We try to train them like normal children so that they can earn money by themselves.I want a social change in order to save special children from inequalities. Insha Allah we have to gain so much progress, and I will try my best to do more in future.You may visit “The Effort Rehabilitaion And Vocational Centre For Special Children”where this work is going on.You can also observe its progress in school"

Evaluation & Annual Report